Mount Kenya Climbing, Mount Kenya Trip and Trekking

Mount Kenya Trekking Tours is Africa’s second highest mountain after Kilimanjaro in Tanzania . This extinct volcano is estimated to be 2.5 million years old. Time has taken its toll on the former, reducing the peak from 6500m to 5199 m today, while nature’s untiring eroding agents long ago eroded the crater.Mt. Kenya is located 180km north of Nairobi within the Mount Kenya National park.

7 Days Trek

This trek, the main access route on the north side of the mountain, lies in a major rain shadow. Because of this there is  very little forest on this side of the mountain. However since you are inside a low rainfall zone it generally makes for a drier safari and a more pleasant trek. The slope is gentle and because the peaks on Mt. Kenya line up east to

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6 Days Chogoria Sirimon

Day 1
We collect you from your hotel at about 0800. Then drive for about 3 1/2 hours from Nairobi to where we collect the porters and guides, (as required). Then drive into the Mt. Kenya forest for the 22 km drive to the Park Gate at 2,850m. Dependent on road conditions, these 22 km have been known to take all afternoon to do and in really wet conditions it

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5 Days Naro Moru Route

This is most popular of all the routes that lead up to the park areas. It is the steepest and the fastest way up the mountain and ascends the mountain from the west. The route is not particularly scenic but has some of the best tourist accommodations.

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7 Days Sirimon, Chogoria

This creative climb joins two of the most famous routes up Mt. Kenya, Sirimon and Chogoria, producing a remarkably diverse and spectacular trek. Sirimon coming off the west passes through the dry side of the mountain with its giant trees and rocky terrain, and the descent onto the Chogoria path is exactly different with its lush bamboo and highland
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5 Days  Sirimon Route

This is the second most scenic route accessing the higher elevations of Mount Kenya. To reach this route, drive 16km east from Nanyuki town to a dirt road leading to the park gate (2700 meters). This route offers ample acclimatization when climbing Mount Kenya.
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4 Days Chogoria Route

This is by far the most scenic and interesting route through the forests and moorland areas of Mount Kenya National Park. It is reached from the Chogoria village area, on the easts side of the park From Chogoria village you take a direct route up the road leading to the Meru Mount

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