5 days Naro Moru Route

This is most popular of all the routes that lead up to the park areas. It is the steepest and the fastest way up the mountain and ascends the mountain from the west. The route is not particularly scenic but has some of the best tourist accommodations.

Most climbers begin hiking at the park gate, although it is possible to drive a vehicle as far as the Met station (3050 metres). Among the challenges in this route include the vertical bog and the extremely steep trail on looses gravel while going up to Point Lenana.

Day 1
Leave Nairobi for Naru Moru Park Gate. Hike to Met. Station.

Day 2
Hike to Mackinder's Camp for overnight.

Day 3
Ascend to Austrian Hut.

Day 4
Attempt Point Lenana for sunrise and descend to Austrian Hut for breakfast before descending further to Met. Station for dinner and overnight.

Day 5
Walk leisurely to Naromoru Park Gate to connect with the transfer vehicle to Nairobi.